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October 12, 2005



I caught that in last week's promo for this week. I'm wondering what's up with that, too?

What is a Betta?

I hope your dog feels better soon. I took Reese to the vet yesterday and he had a fever and inflamed tonsils, poor guy. Even though his meds taste like pineapple and orange, he's fighting it. I have to bribe him with lunch meat.


Awww poor Jack. Maybe he and I can get a room together.

I hope your vet gets him fixed up really soon.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a Lost fan as well, and eagerly awaiting tonights episode. Enjoy.


I had to miss tonight's Lost and I fear I will never catch up with the plot twists.


I missed last week's episode of Lost, but got home just in time for the one last night. That show is getting creepier. Whatever happened to the guy in the weird bunker? He was holding the two hostage....that's about where I was until this latest episode. So ahem, I'm so confused! Help!


I'm completely hooked on this show, we're way behind in Ireland though so I'm having to keep up with season 2 by downloading each new episode from the internet.

My addiction has forced me into a life of crime. The shame.

Canadian Mark

I hope the pooch is feeling better soon. I like the way you're breaking down your 100 things list to ten at a time. It makes it so much easier to absorb that way. I'm here from Michele's.


I hope your puppy gets to feeling better soon! That's too bad! Thanks for stopping by yesterday.


You are so funny. I'm saying puppy prayers for Jack!

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