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September 02, 2005



EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! She's sooooooooo cute! Congratulations, Angel! And we didn't even throw you a baby shower or anything. Those eyes!!! I'd be stressing about the name too, honestly:) Maybe something chocolate-related...


OH MY GOD!!! BELLE IS GONNA BE SOOOO JEALOUS!!! ok, so potential names:

1) Ember (call her Em)
2) One mom and I just came up with but I can't disclose it cuz she wants to tell you herself (but we came up with it together!!!)
3) uh... that's all I got right now! :)


Congrats! She's adorable. Since there was no shower, we can just ship diapers and booties...might help with the excrement-free floor situation?

Shani they make diapers with tail holes?


Actually--they do!! She's off getting spayed right now, so she won't need a diaper (ew!!), but they had them at the store, lol ;) And I think I'm not the puppy dog buying expert as in the past two days I have spent about a million dollars on her--she is going to be one spoiled pooch...


So, is there a verdict on the name?


I think I'm going to continue on with the Tinkerbelle theme and go with Cinderella (rags to riches, plus she's black and "cindery") but I'll call her Ellie. The suggestion was to shorten it to Cinder, but I just think she looks more like an Ellie :)


I love the name! You know, I think she has some Labrador in her. Her face looks like it.


Oh goodness, she's so precious and so adorable! I'm so excited for you Ang, you get a little companion to keep you warm and cuddly. I say spoil her rotten, I sure would! ;-)


ooo!! Mom will be so excited! She was really eager to know if you'd decided. Aren't the two of us just unstoppable when you put us together? Seriously, your puppy would be nameless without us. Oh, and I agree about Ellie--I was talking to Belle and asked her if she was excited about her niece Ellie. Strange coincidence? I think not--I say it's the fates stepping in!! (By the way, Belle looked a bit worried) Oh, and mom has already printed a picture of her out and put it on the fridge with all the other grandbabies! The gerbils might be jealous... wow, ok, long enough for a "reply," maybe I'll just call ya tomorrow! :)


She is absolutely lovely! Oh, what a face!! :) I can tell you are going to be blissfully happy with that one! (And it sounds like she's going to be too - damn spoiled, that is!) LOL



Oh wow - she is so so cute! Those big eyes and the fluffiness!
I am not at ALL surprised you fell for her. And Ellie is a lovely name for her, as well.

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