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September 12, 2005



I really enjoyed this roundup. Sounds like a busy, eventful, rewarding weekend. I'm glad to see there are other folks in the world with enough sensitivity to appreciate the little things in life.

Back from Michele's!


Michele sent me to you, Angela.

I'm not sure who Colby is but getting beaten in a box seems drastic punishment for any transgression. Wow. I'm glad I'm not Colby. Or visiting with Celine Dion for that matter. Her voice might make me quickly wish I'd picked the 3 week box pummeling thing.


Based on my own personal experience, if the dog turns you into a push-over, it only gets worse with the kids.

visiting from michele's

Crazy MomCat

Visiting via Michele's...and laughing at your Celine Dion idea! Also, I have stock in Viva and a great spot/pet puddle remover called Spot Shot. It works great for my high-maintenance cat's little special deliveries.

I read your bio...I also like Maeve Binchy books. Enjoyed visiting your blog!


Love all this, and I hope you are a better pup trainer than I was; mine piddled in my dining room floor for 15 years.

Michele sent me.


When I first bought my condo, I was taking the garbage out and locked myself out of the building. I didn't know a soul in the place and didn't know how to get in. No adult like figure to help either (I WAS the adult like figure!lol). I got to know one of my neighbors REALLY fast! :) Better give your key to a friend or leave one at work... just in case. you never know when the manager will be out!

Don't get me started on priests and pedophilia. It amazes me that Catholics can conveniently look past the transgressions of their religious leaders. Priests can rape boys but abortion and getting married more than once in the catholic church is a bad thing. hmm...



Somehow I doubt that only Catholic religious leaders have serious faults.


Hi! Michele sent me. I have to agree w. your part about the church. The Gods can stike us both ;)

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