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September 13, 2005



Hey great puppy! I have a great Golden Retreiver named Sunny and I love her!!!
A little tip on the chewing thing... he is going through the same thing children do when they are teething. Give him some ice cubes to chew on. I used to always set out a whole bowl of them for Sunny and I never had a chewing problem.
And the crate thing? Don't cave and it will be the best thing you ever did toward training him.


Oh my he's such a cutie pie! I love the pics, keep them coming girl. :-)

Oh and by the way there's nothing wrong with the name Jackie, hehe my favorite dog, the one I had while living in Spain was named Jacky, hehe and he was a boy. We learned to love it. Ahhh I miss him terribly.


Great pictures. He is so cute. My son would love a d-o-g. But, we are gone all day.

Michele sent me....


Oh, he's gorgeous!! I can't wait til we get our dogs!! :)

I think that crate is too small for him? What happens when he gets bigger. :)

Proud mama, keep em coming!


Oh, so cute!! I'm jealous:) I want a dog so bad, but it would be traumatized since I'm never home and Trey is incompetent. Keep taking pictures!


He is soooo adorable.. ok I'm feeling 'puppy' broody if there's such a thing LOL. Thanks for sharing his pics with us :)


Aww, y'all are so good at the gushing thing--Jack and I love it!

Anne, you actually hit on a pretty controversial issue--the crate! We got the medium sized one, put it together, put him in it and realized that just like you said if he grows any, he'll be pretty cramped. So, we disassembled, brought it back to Wal-Mart to exchange it, but were then *horrified* by how huge the next size up is! So, we went back to the medium size and Jack and I have an agreement that he's just not allowed to grow anymore! I do still have the receipt and packaging for it, so if he does grow some more I can bring it back in and exchange it again. (Since he's spent approximately 5 minutes in the crate so far, that shouldn't be a problem...)

And Shani, yeah, my not ever being at home was an issue at first since I'm at work at least 10-12 hours a day, but hey I figure as long as I walk him in the evening him being here alone by himself is better than a dead puppy!

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