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September 20, 2005



Chin up, Angel! We all have our days of complete idiocy. You just need to pay more attention to the days when you don't do anything stupid and make it home in one piece without any visible bruises!


Ouuch! I'm sorry for your eyes, hehe. I hope you are doing better, being safe of course. But trust me most people have been scared of their own shadow at one point in their life. ;-) Some earlier than others. hehe xoxo


Yow! Toner in the eye? That's gotta be painful. =\

Here from Michele's.


My worst was in the morning, putting conditioner instead of gel in my damp hair. Not a pretty sight!


My eyes are stinging now, just from imagining that toner getting in them.


I think we can all relate to sticking the absolute wrong thing right smack in the eye. Yowch.

Hope tomorrow is better. That won't take much, anyway!

Twisted Cinderella

OUCH about the toner in your eye!!

I would keep an eye on the jaw popping thing. My jaw problems started that way when I was 13.


That toner thing sounds painful! Reminds me of when I chopped jalapenos and later took my contacts out. OUCH!



LOL well I'm sure you won't mind that you made me laugh a lot. I need it right now, so forgive me ok? :-p

Besides, don't feel so bad, I have hit my head twice, smashed my fingers (twice), burnt my hand, bruised my legs and obtained a huge scratch of unknown origin in the last week or so. I was thinking of stabbing myself in the eye on purpose just because I know it'll happen eventually. Maybe I'll just pour toner in my eye instead.....


Here from Michele's. This was great writing. thanks for the laugh - the shadows, not the toner in your eye! ouch!

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