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September 27, 2005



I care about Jack! He is my nephew of course, in some twisted way. I hope he's feeling better soon, the poor baby!


I wonder if I could get out an office visit charge if I did that with one of my pets? Somehow, I doubt it. :-/


See how alert we have to be all the time?! Had you not been paying attention, the poor baby could have been getting thinner and thinner from the worms. ICK!
Good for you! The internet is a wonderful thing.


Dr. Google is the best these days! hehe I hope Jack feels better soon, and hugs to you Ang! xoxo


hello angela, i'm visiting via michelle and delighted to wind up here! the vet's office being dumber than the dog is a reoccuring refrain at our house. also BIG fan of the incomparable dr. google. blessings

Twisted Cinderella

I use Google all the time for all sorts of things. It really is the most handy tool I have other than and the ingredient search.


yup, google is indeed a blessing! hope your poor puppy's feeling better. here via michele. :)


It's a family motto here too.. "google it" whenever you want to know an answer to something. used to be "look in the encyclopedia" (or are you too young to remember those days? (or am I too old?))) lol


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