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September 15, 2005



LOL Ang, I'm sorry about your poopy few days. You know my dog Jacky used to be the same way, he would bark and bark when we'd leave him alone in the apartment, and would poop not just inside our rooms and hallways, but also in the middle of busy city streets...ahhh the rolling eyes I've recieved. But that's the price of having a puppy. hehe ;-)


I declare Miss Scarlett (I bet you never heard THAT before).
You need to get that puppy crate out and use it. They won't poop where they sleep. It ain't cruel, it's training.
Good luck, it will be worth it.


Jass: Yeah, I just have to remind myself he's a baby and "he knows not what he does!"

Russ: I use the crate when I'm just going to be gone for a few hours, but I just can't justify putting him in there for 10 hours a day every day, you know? I came home to a clean house today, so hopefully we're making progress!

better safe than sorry

just dropped in to say thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. our family is thinking of getting a puppy in the spring, i've been reading different blogs where the owners have gone, such as yourself, and rescued a dog from a shelter. made me think maybe we should go this route instead, although not looking forward to that poop problem at all!


How nice that you rescued a dog! Sorry about the poopy issues!


Oh you poor thing! I completely related to your whole 'ooh, disgusting! but he's sooo cute!' mentality.

I agree with Russ though. I'd say, get a bigger crate and let him stay in there during the day...

I also know a person who works for Petco (or is it Petsmart?) who said if you feed your dog a certain (more expensive) food (can't remember what it is right now), it creates less poop. Basically she said if there's less crap (no pun intended) in the food, their bodies use the food better and poop less. That's just what she told me...



Here from Michele's. i know what you mean about being like the only single one at the table....I'm pretty much it at my church...not even a single guy around!!! Hope things get better with your dog.


A friend of mine adopted a dog like the way you was quite a challenge.

Oh and Michelle sent me!


Ah, the joys of puppy ownership. But it's all worth it in the end. Trust me. :) This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but the #1 best solution to the barking problem is getting another puppy. 99% of the time, the dog barks because of loneliness & anxiety, both of which aren't an issue if they have a playmate. Of course, it might end up doubling your poopy problems. lol

Hello, Michele sent me!

FuzzBuck Fuzz

Puppy training - yes, i remember it well. I'm very tempted to talk about my current doggy dilemas but it's simply too gross. He's all trained up though (after a fashion) so no problems there. Can't resist throwing in a games reference as well. Try Black and White if you want to know how to train animals well. I had my monkey to the stage that it would poop (only in certain paces) then throw the offending material out to sea - or set fire to it and use it as missiles to throw at the enemy.

Guess what?
Michele sent me :D

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