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September 04, 2005



Wow, you've flipped! But the collar is sooo cute! And don't worry, she'll LOVE you. Why wouldn't she? It's not like you're going to dress her in baby clothes and walk her down the street in a carriage. (Good God, are you???)


The collar is so cute! I love the ladybugs!

So when is Ellie coming home? Aww I'm so excited for you!


She'll love you. And the collar. And all the doggy accessories. How could she not?!


Well, compared to the alternative, I'm sure she'll be very happy.

Just remember those two important things... you know, food and water. Luckily, she can get her own air.

Kidding, she'll love you! Duh


As a mother I guess I should worry about the financial investment here, but on the other hand (Fiddler on the Roof wise) I guess you are being a responsible mother in making the proper preparations, etc. I just love the name - we are good, aren't we???


i can't believe you are not even considering Scarlett for this dog's name. hasn't she been through enough, hasn't she not given up, aren't you seing to it that she never goes hungry again!! Let me know what you think by tomorrow

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