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August 24, 2005



Angie :) - can't help much with the dilemma...would hate to advise you to contact him only to have him be mean to you which he probably won't be though he may not respond...

Please keep reminds me of Sex & the City, and as there are no new episodes, this makes a fine substitute - even Adam enjoyed it - said you're a fabulous writer - in the ranks of Ms. Rowling, surely


Oooh.. tricky, tricky.
Do you still reckon it's karma? Because if you do have a thing about karma (I TOTALLY do, although I'm not sure why) then make contact if it'll make you feel like you're re-dressing some universal balance.
But.. what do I know?
My history of relationships is bloody and riddled with heartbreak and sliding down walls in dramatic despair. Rending of garments is also good to try.
I like your first posts - keep it up!


You really don't want any advice from me in anything regarding the opposite sex; if there's one person who has worse luck than you, it's me. However, I don't see how contacting him would be all that awful. I mean, you say "hey" and hopefully he's a big boy and realizes that was one of those stupid high school relationships. And if not and he's mean to you, are you really any worse off? Aside from the fact that your fears will be confirmed? At least you wouldn't have to stress over it anymore. But heck if I know. :)

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